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Hey Everyone!

My name is Cleo Cartwright. I am a published Portrait Photographer from Chicago,IL that specializes in Fashion, Maternity, Engagement & Family Lifestyle photography. Most importantly I specialize in bringing out the fun, the creative and the REAL you in every photo.  I have been taking pictures since I was 8 years old. I started with a film “point and shoot” camera and the rest is history.  I always felt like photography was the only way to express myself whether it was through my self portraits or my other commercial work.

Few things about me.
1. I love love wrestling. I am a WWE Fanatic. A few of my favorite wrestlers are Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock, Triple H, Lita & Jeff Hardy
2. I love parrots. I am a bird mom. I have a cockatiel named, Tweety

3. I love playing The Sims. I been a big fan since the very first one.

4. I am BIG BIG Dru Hill fan. I love all genres of music. Mostly I play R&B and Dru Hill is OFTEN on repeat.

5. I am a professional karaoke singer. I do tons of free concerts in my living room. ( LOL )

6. I love film photography. I own about 7 different film cameras #filmisnotdead

7. I am a big kid. I love all things Disney. 90s cartoons all day.

8. I truly enjoy creating memories for people. The fact creating moments for my clients that they can past on to generations, warms my heart.

9. I love love shooting fashion and editorial.

10.  I truly love telling my story through my self portraits. It gives me a chance to show my audience the authenticity of who I am, my vulnerability of the different impacts of my life and just being me.

I thank you for viewing my work and getting the chance to know me and I look forward creating memories with you!

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