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My name is Cleo Cartwright. I am a published fashion editorial and portrait photographer based in Chicago, IL. As a black woman, my work serves as a powerful voice that transcends the need for words. Through my photographs, I strive to showcase self-expression, visual emotion, and a unique perspective on reality.

From the early age of 8, I discovered my passion for photography. Armed with a simple film "point and shoot" camera, I embarked on a journey that has shaped my identity as an artist. Photography became my chosen medium of self-expression, enabling me to convey my thoughts and emotions through self-portraits and commercial work alike.

My artistic focus lies in capturing the essence of my subjects, revealing the fun, the creative, and the authentic aspects of their being. With every photograph, I aim to bring out the real you, allowing your true self to shine through. Whether I am working on a fashion editorial or a portrait session, my goal is to encapsulate the beauty, depth, and unique qualities of each individual.

Photography is more than a medium for me. it is a means of connecting with others, fostering understanding, and challenging societal norms. It allows me to create a visual dialogue that goes beyond words, speaking directly to the hearts and minds of viewers.

I am constantly honing my craft, seeking new ways to push boundaries and capture moments that evoke emotions and provoke thought. I invite you to join me on this artistic journey, where I aim to create meaningful connections, celebrate individuality, and share a different perspective—one frame at a time

A few fun facts about me:

-I am a professional living room karaoke singer, lol.   ^_^
-I love wrestling. I am a WWE Fanatic. A few of my favorite wrestlers are Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock, Triple H, Lita & Jeff Hardy
-I am BIG BIG Dru Hill fan. I love all genres of music. Mostly I play R&B & Rap. But Dru Hill is OFTEN on repeat.
-I love parrots. I am a bird mom. I have a cockatiel named, Tweety
-I still shoot film.
- I love playing The Sims
-I am a big kid. I love all things Disney. 90s cartoons all day.

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